Raising Your Kids’ IQ Thru Music

We can focus on so many things that interest us but for a mother, the focus is centered on the children and how they are going to grow up with the right values and following the right virtues.

In addition, a mother would like for her kids to be equipped with the all the right tools to face all the challenges that life has to offer. 

One of the best weapons that a child can develop in his/her younger years is creativity. When creativity is nurtured, 크레이지슬롯 problem-solving skills are eventually developed.  Raising your kids’ IQ is important in their developmental years. One of the tested and proven ways of raising their IQ is thru music. 

There have been many research literatures available about Music and the Brain. Research has proven that there is a connection between music making and mental development. Music affects our brain in such a way that new neuron pathways are created when we are engaged in activities related to music.

These activities can be composing music, playing musical instruments or even simply passively listening to music.  Essential cognitive systems are also developed in music making. These systems include reasoning, creativity, thinking, decision-making and problem solving encompassing a person’s intelligence quotient.

Advancement in technology has also paved way for PET scans and MRI imaging which allow us to see brain activity and how ALL areas in our brains technically light up when we are engaged in a musical activity.  This explains why we are full of energy, enthusiasm, and seem more vibrant when we are playing musical instruments, listening to an engaging music repertoire, and when composing musical pieces.


Interest in music in children early is very essential in the goal of raising your kids’ IQ. Start introducing your children to classical music at an early age, preferably 4 or 5 years old. To sustain the interest, you can also introduce them to interesting and captivating tales that teach musical concepts such as the story of Freddie the Frog®, created by Sharon Burch.

The storybook series is created with the aim of breaking down musical concepts to pieces appropriate for kids and integrating them with the magical world of the Treble Clef Island. This way, kids are able to enjoy learning and retain musical concepts very well. 

There are more benefits to be gained with musical activities aside from raising your kids’ IQ. It can be noted that thru the years, people have used music and 카지노사이트 playing instruments to reach out socially and to convey a message to society. This practice helps children develop social skills needed to interact with people on many levels.

Discipline and organization are also developed. Learning musical instruments and composing music require a certain level of focus and concentration to achieve desirable results. If children are exposed to these kinds of values at an early age, they will grow to have higher IQ, EQ, and better citizens.

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